Bank Rakyat Dividend 2023: History & How To Buy Cooperative Shares

Bank Rakyat Dividend 2023 history & How to buy bank rakyat cooperative shares

bank rakyat dividend 2023 history cooperative shares

Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad (Bank Rakyat) is a financial institution that functions as the largest Islamic cooperative bank in Malaysia. It was established on September 28, 1954, under the Cooperative Companies Ordinance of 1948.

In line with its mission and vision, Bank Rakyat ensures that its banking institutions are able to drive the economic development of its members, customers, and the country. This bank is under the supervision of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC), and the Cooperatives Commission of Malaysia.

In the beginning, Bank Rakyat ran services based on the commercial banking system and began to transform towards the Shariah banking system in 2002. Every year, Bank Rakyat records a very favourable profit rate. Not only that, Bank Rakyat distributes the profits of their financial institutions in the form of annual dividends to their bank investors.

Currently, Bank Rakyat has more than 148 bank branches nationwide that carry out consumer banking, commercial financing, savings, and investment activities, as well as financial planning products to meet the needs of today’s customers.

When Will Bank Rakyat Dividend 2023 Announcement Date

Bank Rakyat assures a good return to their investors every year through the distribution of dividends resulting from the profits obtained by Bank Rakyat.

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For the financial year ending December 31, 2022, Bank Rakyat recorded a profit of up to RM1.70 billion with the distribution of a total dividend of up to RM426.77 million to investors. 

The dividend distribution announcement date is usually in March every year.

Meanwhile, dividend payments will be made to all investors who invest in Bank Rakyat after the dividend announcement date.

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When Will Bank Rakyat Dividend Payout Date 2023

Annual profit distributions in the form of dividends will be distributed after the dividend announcement date.

Usually, it only takes a few days to be credited into the Bank Rakyat investors account. For 2023, dividend payouts to investors start on March 31, 2023.

Investors can check their accounts online to view the amount of dividends received in that financial year.

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How To Buy Bank Rakyat Cooperative Shares

How to buy bank rakyat cooperative shares? The purchase of Bank Rakyat shares or unit trusts for investment purposes is limited to each investor.

The purchase and investment of Bank Rakyat unit trust cooperative shares will be open to investors only for a certain period of time.

The initial investment for investors is limited to 500 units for one investor to invest their shares in Bank Rakyat. 

How to buy bank rakyat share? The purchase and investment of this share trust unit can be done through Bank Rakyat’s official portal at,  as shown in Figure 1.0, and through Bank Rakyat’s official Facebook page at

Bank Rakyat Dividend History Last 5 Years

Bank Rakyat has announced that the dividend rate for 2023 will be the same as the previous year.

For sure, it does not disappoint the investors who are members of the bank rakyat cooperative shares.

The following is the bank rakyat dividend history rates announced for the last 5 years;


Bank Rakyat Investment VS ASB VS Tabung Haji Dividend

Amanah Saham Berhad (ASB), Tabung Haji, and Bank Rakyat are financial institutions that offer savings and investment services.

Investors will be entitled to dividends every financial year from their savings and investments through their personal accounts.

All of them guarantee good returns through this low-risk investment.

In general, the dividend received by investors through Bank Rakyat investment is higher in terms of annual dividend rate compared to ASB and Tabung Haji.

For example, for the year 2023, the dividend distribution rate for Bank Rakyat investment is 15%, while that for ASB and Tabung Haji is 4.25 sen per unit and 3.10%, respectively.

If you look at the rate, Bank Rakyat offers the most profitable dividend payout rather than others.

However, the ASB and Bank Rakyat investment dividend rate is the value of the dividend only where it is not deducted for zakat that must be paid by the investors.

It is different from Tabung Haji; the dividend distributed has a net value because the distribution of zakat has been done by Tabung Haji. Investors do not need to make zakat distributions again.

This is because Tabung Haji is an Islamic financial institution.

In conclusion, Bank Rakyat investment is the most profitable investment as it offers a higher return annually to its investors.

Hence, it is even worth a penny as it is a low-risk investment.

Which Investment Gives Highest Dividend in Malaysia

Bank Rakyat is the largest Islamic cooperative bank in Malaysia.

Of course, the annual profit obtained as a result of the services and investments carried out by Bank Rakyat through the investment of investor share trust units guarantees a high profit.

how to buy bank rakyat share

This is because Bank Rakyat is a banking institution that provides high dividends in Malaysia compared to other financial institutions. 

Based on statistics, the dividend rate announced by Bank Rakyat every year is over 10%.

This shows the value of the dividend rate distributed is high compared to others.

Because of this, the share unit rate that is open for purchase and investment purposes is limited.

How To Withdraw Dividend

Savings and stock investments for Bank Rakyat members will be channelled through online members’ Bank Rakyat accounts, namely i-Rakyat.

Checks and withdrawals can be done online by users through the investor’s Bank Rakyat account.

It is easier and more effective than going through the counter of any Bank Rakyat branch.

Every dividend payment made by Bank Rakyat will be channelled directly to the investor’s or customer’s account.

The dividend amount will be displayed in the customer’s Bank Rakyat account.

Dividends received by these investors can be withdrawn from the client’s bank account.

This withdrawal can be done online through the official Bank Rakyat portal.

Users need to log in to their bank account and click on the “Withdrawal” section to make a Bank Rakyat dividend withdrawal.

How Does Bank Rakyat Calculate Dividend

Bank Rakyat’s annual dividend calculation is based on total number of unit trust acquired by the investors throughout the financial year and multiplied by the dividend rate declared in that year.

For example:

Total number of unit trust acquired by investors X dividend rate (i.e 15%)

= Dividend received by investors

100,000 units X 15% = RM15,000 for that year