Booking Puspakom Online: Login JPJ Puspakom Inspection

Booking Puspakom Online: Login JPJ Puspakom Inspection including e hailing grab checklist

booking puspakom online

The Computerized Vehicle Inspection Center (PUSPAKOM) is a vehicle inspection company for all commercial and private vehicles available in Malaysia. PUSPAKOM is the only vehicle inspection company established by the Malaysian government that is fully owned by DRB-HICOM Berhad. It was founded in 1994. PUSPAKOM carried out a mandatory and voluntary vehicle inspection on a new vehicle to ensure it was safe to drive on the road.

Not only that, PUSPAKOM also serves as an organization responsible for ensuring that vehicle owners comply with vehicle specification regulations set by the Department of Road Transport (JPJ) and that smoke emission tests are carried out to ensure that the vehicles used are environmentally sound.

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Thus, the rigorous and thorough inspection carried out by the PUSPAKOM on vehicles guarantees the safety of all parties, especially road users.

How To Register Booking Puspakom Online

The vehicle owners who want to make a reservation to run a PUSPAKOM check, they need to register an online account in advance to allow them to make these bookings online.

Here are the ways to register a PUSPAKOM account online: 

  1. Navigate to the page
  2. Click on the “Register Now” section. 
  3. Enter the details of personal information and user vehicle information correctly and completely. 
  4. Then, click on the “Register” button after all the required documents are successfully loaded up.
  5. Finally, registration succeeded. 

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JPJ Puspakom Online Booking Login

MyPuspakom accounts registered by users can be logged in if they are verified as successful accounts. Here are the ways to log in to your PUSPAKOM account: 

  1. Visit puspakom booking loin portal,
  2. Enter a valid email address and password. 
  3. Click on the “puspakom Login” button to log in to the user account. 
  4. Finally, the main menu will be displayed, and the booking can be made by the user.

How To Book Puspakom Appointment

Users who successfully register a MyPuspakom account can continue to book appointments with PUSPAKOM for vehicle inspection purposes.

Here are the ways to apply for a PUSPAKOM online appointment: 

  1. Users need to log in to their MyPuspakom account. 
  2. Next, select “New Appointment” on the main menu display. 
  3. The user must complete the vehicle information as required. 
  4. Verify the user’s appointment information. 
  5. Verify the amount of payment to be made by the user for the PUSPAKOM service. 
  6. Users will receive the Appointment Verification Slip after successful payment. 
  7. Finally, the user needs to print the slip, and the appointment bookings are successful.

E Hailing Puspakom Checklist

Individuals running e-hailing services must have their vehicles undergo a PUSPAKOM inspection before this service can be run.

All e-hailing vehicles are required to undergo this inspection starting on April 1, 2019.

This PUSPAKOM Inspection Certificate must be displayed on the front mirror of every e-hailing vehicle.

Each e-hailing vehicle has to go through three (3) phases of inspection: a first periodic inspection, a periodic inspection, and a periodic re-inspection.

All three of these stages will be subject to a fee.

During the inspection process, PUSPAKOM will go through the vehicle identity verification process, the upper part inspection of the vehicle, the underside inspection, and vehicle equipment such as the transparency test of the mirror light, the smoke release test, the side screw test, the suspension test, and the brake test.

Puspakom Grab Check

Grab is a well-known e-hailing company in Malaysia. Individuals running the Grab e-hailing service are required to undergo a PUSPAKOM inspection.

E-Hailing Grab checks should be performed after the Grab driver account is enabled.

This is because the Puspakom officer needs an EVP (E-Hailing Vehicle Permit) number in the Grab Driver app.

Only cars aged 2 years, 6 months, and up according to the date of registration of the JPJ grant are required to undergo a Puspakom E-Hailing check.

What Is Puspakom Booking B2 B5 B7 Report

The PUSPAKOM inspection is divided into three (3) types of vehicle inspection.

It includes B2, which is a vehicle engine change check; B5, which is the vehicle ownership change check; and B7, which is a rental purchase check.

Vehicles undergoing this inspection will receive reports known as B2, B5, and B7, depending on the type of inspection carried out.

This report will be given to the vehicle owner after this PUSPAKOM inspection passes at each stage of the inspection.

Puspakom Inspection Booking Requirement

Vehicle inspection requirements at PUSPAKOM are mandatory for all vehicles in Malaysia as subject to the Road Transport Act 1987.

Among the conditions for passing the PUSPAKOM examination are: 

  1. Vehicle identification – which is carried out by verifying the case number and engine number of the vehicle.
  2. Inspection of the headlamps – measure the state of the light exposure of the vehicle so that it meets the established standards to prevent it from disturbing other road users. 
  3. Inspection of vehicles—aimed at ensuring that they are in compliance with the Road Transport Act 1987 and free from any defects. 
  4. Dark mirror testing – measurement of the transparency of the light in the vehicle mirror according to the provisions stipulated by law.
  5. Smoke emission testing – the gas extraction level of the engine must not exceed or exceed the limits set for diesel engines and petrol vehicles aimed at sustainability and hygiene of the environment. 
  6. Side slider testing – checking tire alignment as well as tire side control. 
  7. Suspension testing – testing the suspension system to make it work properly. 
  8. Brake testing– checking the brake’s efficiency and traction to ensure it works properly. 
  9. Speed meter test – check the speed meter to make it parallel to the speed of the wheel. 
  10. Sub-vehicle inspection – visual inspection to identify problems with the Axie Play Detector equipment.

1. Booking Puspakom Inspection Fees 2023 For B2

  • All new commercial and private vehicles must pass this PUSPAKOM test.
  • Every vehicle owner will receive a B2 report after a PUSPAKOM inspection is carried out.
  • This B2 inspection will be charged as much as RM20 up to RM90, depending on the type of inspection and the vehicle.

2. Booking Puspakom B5 Inspection Fee

  • All private vehicles that want to make a transfer of ownership must undergo an Exchange of Ownership Inspection at PUSPAKOM.
  • The Malaysian Road Transportation Department (JPJ) needs a B5 report for the transfer of ownership.
  • The PUSPAKOM examination for B5 will be charged a fee of RM30.

How To Pass Puspakom Inspection

This PUSPAKOM inspection is crucial to enabling users to drive their vehicles safely on the road.

Only vehicles that pass the PUSPAKOM inspection are allowed to be used on the road. Road users who do not obtain PUSPAKOM approval may be subject to legal action.

This PUSPAKOM examination can be passed if the owner of the vehicle meets the qualifications that have been established by the PUSPAKOM authorities in accordance with the Road Transport Act 1987. 

Among the elements that need to be pointed out in order to obtain PUSPAKOM’s approval are the big lights, the small lamps, the signal lamp, the brake lamp, and the third brake light, which must all work properly and emit light at the right lighting rate. It’s important that it doesn’t disturb other road users. 

In addition, the number of plates used by the vehicle owner must comply with the specifications set by the JPJ.

In terms of mirrors, the darkness of the front mirror must not exceed 30%, while the front and rear mirrors on the left and right sides must be no more than 50% dark. 

Finally, the tires, the brakes, and the suspension must work properly. It’s important to reduce the incidence of road accidents.

All specified specifications must be observed by all vehicle owners to ensure this PUSPAKOM inspection passes.

Puspakom Inspection How Long

The inspection process for each vehicle running at PUSPAKOM only takes one (1) hour.

Can I Walk In For Puspakom Inspection

Vehicle owners may be present at the PUSPAKOM branch for vehicle inspection purposes only with a walk-in.

Nevertheless, the owner of the vehicle has to wait for their turn, which will consume the owner’s time. Therefore, making online bookings is encouraged.

Is Puspakom Mandatory?

Booking PUSPAKOM inspections are mandatory as they are subject to the Road Transport Act 1987, which requires all vehicles to undergo a PUSPAKOM inspection for the purpose of identifying vehicle defects when driving on the highway.