Best Car Insurance Malaysia 2023

Best Car Insurance Malaysia 2023

best car insurance malaysia 2023

Why should you get car insurance in malaysia? Car insurance refers to the protection given to the owner of the car in the event of something unwanted happening. Insurance policy holders will be protected if they are involved in circumstances such as accidents, fires, thefts, injuries, and deaths. Therefore, according to the Road Transport Act 1987, every owner of a motor vehicle is obliged to have insurance, as it can help relieve the financial burden of the policy holders from any aspects that may affect the owner of the motor vehicle.

It is a legal requirement that must be complied with by all motor vehicle owners to have this car insurance. 

This car insurance can be divided into three (3) types of insurance policies: third-party police, third-party fire and theft, and comprehensive police.

All in all, it is reasonable for every motor vehicle owner to know what kind of insurance policy they have for the purpose of making claims in the event of an accident.

Which 5 Companies Are The Best Car Insurance Malaysia 2023

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1. Allianz Malaysia

The Allianz insurance company introduced an insurance plan known as the Allianz Road Rangers, which covers all motor comprehensive (private car) policyholders.

These insurance policies are designed to ensure the customer’s experience with insurance protection is effective and efficient.

It covers the insured party from accidents, fire, and theft of the car when involved in any unwanted events, losses and damages, bodily injuries, and any other extended benefits.

This insurance plan can be subscribed to via

2. Etiqa

The Etiqa insurance company offers takaful and conventional car insurance plans.

Both cover insured parties from any losses that will be incurred by the policy holder in the event of an accident, theft, or damage.

All authorized policyholders will get covered immediately once a claim is submitted to Etiqa.

The process of claiming is also fast and easy. In addition, policyholders will also be entitled to a 10% rebate and a 30% cash rebate.

The application for this insurance plan can be made online at

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3. Zurich

The Zurich car insurance plan offers a variety of benefits to drivers and car owners under the Z-Driver and Z-Driver Assist plans.

Among the benefits of protection provided under this plan are protection against loss and damage to the vehicle as a result of an accident, death or injury to a third-party body member, and property damage to third parties.

The protection services provided by Zurich are designed to meet customer requirements which is available 24/7.

Subscriptions can be made at

4. Kurnia Insurance

The Kurnia insurance company provides three (3) types of car insurance plans known as Private Car Comprehensive, Auto365 Comprehensive Plus, and Auto365 Premier. It’s all covered under these plans, starting from basic to full coverage of policyholders’ cars.

Among the services provided under this plan are towing assistance, emergency road assistance, a warranty period for workmanship, window snatch theft, ambulance fees, key care cover, flood relief allowance, and allowances for loss of vehicle.

All this coverage is given to the insured parties purposely to ease the financial burden of the individuals that face the problems.

This insurance plan can be subscribed to online via

5. Takaful Malaysia

Last but not least, the Takaful Plan myClick Motor is a protection plan offered to drivers and car owners.

Complimentary personal accident coverage for policyholders and passengers of the insured car, 24/7 roadside assistance such as minor repairs, battery assistance, towing, jumpstart support, and fuel delivery, and the policyholder will be entitled to a 6-month repair warranty.

Subscriptions can be made at

In conclusion, Kurnia is the best insurance company to offer a car insurance plan that covers full coverage for incidents involving policyholders.

With car insurance coverage, drivers and car owners can drive their vehicles with pleasure.

How To Buy Car Insurance Online From Allianz Etiqa & Zurich

Car insurance can now be purchased online to make it easier for all users to have insurance for the purpose of protecting themselves and other family members.

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With ever more advanced technology, everything can be bought online. Car insurance can now be purchased and renewed online. It’s faster and easier.

These purchases and renewals can be done through the Bjak app. Here are the ways to update car insurance through the Bjak app:

car insurance online
  1. Browse to as in Figure 1.0.
  2. Click on the “Car Insurance” section, then click on “Request a Free Quote”. 
  3. Then, select the type of protection you want and click on the “Next” button. 
  4. Enter the owner and vehicle details correctly and completely. 
  5. Next, click the “Get Price Statement” button. 
  6. The list of insurance companies will be displayed, and the customer can choose the insurance company they want to subscribe to, whether Allianz, Etiqa, or Zurich. 
  7. After that, payment must be made. 
  8. Finally, after payment is processed, the car owner’s insurance will be renewed.

How to Check Insurance Policy Online

Insurance policy now can be checked online to make it easier for insurance policy holders to make insurance claims and to ensure that insurers do not lose sight of renewing insurance before expiration.

This verification can be done through the official MyCarInfo portal as follows: 

check car insurance
  1. Navigate to  as in Figure 2.0.
  2. Click on the “I-Search” section. 
  3. Then, click on any provided plan and click on the “Go” button. 
  4. Enter details of policy holders and vehicle information for inspection purposes. 
  5. Tick on the Terms and Conditions box. 
  6. Next, click on the “Enquire” section. 
  7. Finally, information related to the consumer insurance policy will be displayed.

How Does Insurance Work On a Car

Car insurance works just like any other kind of insurance, such as health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, and so on.

Generally speaking, it serves as one of the means of protection given to individual policyholders so that they are not burdened with the impact of an accident. 

Policyholders have to pay a premium for their car insurance. Once a premium payment is made, the premium payment fund will be collected as an insurance fund.

Next, the insurance companies employed by the insurance policyholder will manage the funds and provide compensation to the policyholder when they want to make insurance claims in the event of an accident involving the policyholder.

What Company Has The Cheapest Car Insurance in Malaysia

Generally, car insurance is divided into three (3) types. Of these three insurance policies, third-party car insurance is the cheapest.

This is because the protection plan offered is limited to third-party individuals only.

In addition, the type of CC of the vehicle owned by the vehicle owner also plays a role. The lower the CC, the cheaper the customer’s car insurance policy subscription price.

How To Claim Insurance For Car Accident Malaysia

Insurance compensation claims can be easily made through any insurance company’s official website.

Customers must make sure they have complete documents before making a claim for compensation.

These documents will be proof of the claim. Customers can refer to the insurance company’s official portal for policyholders to make claims on any part of the policy they subscribe to. 

Once the documents relating to the claim to be made have been completed, the customer must submit the documents together with the properly completed and complete claim form to the insurance company.

The insurance officer will receive and process customer claims. The claim will be confirmed within seven (7) working days.

Finally, if there is no problem, the claim for compensation will be accepted by the customer.

Can I Claim Car Insurance Without Police Report Malaysia

A police report is a report on issues faced by the claimant. It’s a very important report that a policyholder is obliged to submit when he wants to make a car insurance claim.

This is because it will further strengthen the charges made by the claimant.

This is because submitting a police report is one of the documents that must be submitted in order to facilitate the claim process.

However, claimants can still make insurance claims even if they don’t have a police report. Nevertheless, it may slow down the claim process.

Can You Claim Insurance Your Fault

The policyholders who make insurance claims can be either guilty or innocent.

Whenever policyholders are protected under the insurance policy they have contracted, they can make insurance claims.

However, only comprehensive policyholders can file self-damage claims if they are at-fault parties.

What Happens After You Claim Insurance

Road users who buy car insurance for their motor vehicles are aimed at protecting themselves and their family members from all unwanted things happening while on the road.

Insurance claims can be made if the policyholder is involved in an accident related to their vehicle. The policyholder who makes the claim will receive compensation for the claim.

It’s important to relieve the burden on the policyholder from having to bear high costs when involved in accidents, thefts, damage, and the like.