e hailing Insurance Price Malaysia: How To Buy Ehailing Grab & PSV License

e hailing insurance price malaysia: How To Buy Ehailing Grab Insurance & PSV License

e hailing malaysia

What is E-hailing mean? E-hailing is a service operated as a form of public transportation using private vehicles. This service is provided to passengers who make online bookings via an electronic application. There are various types of e-hailing companies that run services in Malaysia.

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The service is regulated by the government under the 2017 Civil Land Transport Act (Amendment) and the 2017 Commercial Vehicle Licencing Authority Act (Amendment) through the Malaysian Ministry of Transport.

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5 Best E Hailing Malaysia 2023 App

So far, there are ten (10) e-hailing companies operating in Malaysia. All of them have at least a three-star rating for the standards outlined under the Southeast Asian New Car Assessment Programme (ASEAN CAP).

Here is one of five (5) e-hailing applications available in Malaysia:

  1. Grab – the most popular company in Malaysia. It’s also widely used in Malaysia. Most Malaysians choose Grab as one of their public transportation options because the Grab app offers a variety of benefits and promotions to its customers.
  2. MyCar – an e-hailing company operating in 13 major cities in Malaysia. MyCar is a sole company owned by Platform Apps Sdn. Bhd and has been operating in Malaysia for about two years.
  3. Maxim – It is an e-hailing service established in 2003. Maxim runs its services all over Malaysia. Nevertheless, this Maxim application is not only subject to e-hailing services but will also offer other services.
  4. EzCab – It is one of the e-hailing apps that offers online booking services for cars, taxis, and other luxury vehicles. The EzCab service is currently only available in major cities in Malaysia and is available 24/7. 
  5. Airasia Ride – an e-hailing company operating under the subsidiary of AirAsia Group. Reservations can be made through the AirAsia Super app.

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Difference Between P Hailing vs E Hailing Meaning

Generally speaking, hailing refers to a delivery and pick-up service that is carried out through an online booking.

This hailing operation operates extensively in Malaysia, mainly in major cities, with the aim of providing convenience to all Malaysians.

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  • This hailing service is divided into two (2) types: e-hailing and p-hailing.
  • This e-hailing service runs a service based on a vehicle service that becomes one of the public transportation options, like a taxi.
  • P-hailing is the delivery of parcels or goods using motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
  • Both must be booked online through certain applications.

In short, it is classified as one of the fastest growing and most widely used gig economy systems in Malaysia.

How Do I Get An E hailing Vehicle Permit EVP

EVP (E-hailing Vehicle Permit) is a license that must be applied for by all e-hailing drivers to operate this service legally.

e hailing vehicle permit

The cost of obtaining this e hailing vehicle permit is RM115. These permits can be applied for and registered after e-hailing drivers perform medical check-ups, PSV inspections, and PUSPAKOM inspections of their vehicles.

This permit can only be applied for online.

Therefore, for failure to possess this EVP licence, e-hailing drivers can be penalised by not less than RM1,000 and not more than RM500,000, as well as imprisonment for not more than two (2) years.

It is an offence under Section 12A(9) of APAD 2010.

What Are The Advantages Of E Hailing Service In Malaysia

This e-hailing service has proven to be very beneficial to Malaysians today. With rapid technological development today, this e-hailing service is widely used throughout Malaysia with the aim of facilitating the daily business of the consumer.

E-hailing services provide comfort and safety to communities that want to use public transport services that are not crowded with people, like buses and trains.

The prices are also affordable and probably cheaper than other forms of public transportation.

This service turns out to make daily routines easier for all Malaysians because they only have to make bookings online.

The bookings are made through any of the e-hailing company’s applications. The waiting rate to get this service is shorter than other public transportation services, which can save users’ time.

This e-hailing service also opens up more employment opportunities for Malaysians without being subject to public transportation, but it also includes food delivery, goods delivery, and more.

Revenue can be generated through this e-hailing service with only one online application.

In short, this e-hailing service is one of the forms of the gig economy that exist in Malaysia.

It has successfully planned for further economic growth in local areas as well as promoting the use of public services among communities.

How To Buy E Hailing Insurance Grab Price In Malaysia

Every e-hailing vehicle operated in Malaysia must have vehicle insurance. It comes into force on October 12, 2019, for all e-hailing drivers, including Grab.

Compulsory e-hailing insurance is intended to provide protection to e-hailing drivers and passengers in the event of unwanted events occurring during the operation of the service.

Grab insurance purchases can be applied through the Grab app on the website of https://www.grab.com

How To Apply For E-Hailing License In Malaysia

Not only that, the e-hailing service can only run if the driver or rider has a valid licence to run the service. This e-hailing service cannot be run without an e-hailing license.

This e-hailing licence is known as the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) E-Hailing License. This licence can be applied for through the e-hailing service company. Applicants must first register as a driver or e-hailing rider online. 

Following e-hailing registration, the applicant must fill out this PSV licence section. After successful registration, this PSV licence can be applied for through the following steps: 

  1. The applicant should download and fill out the JPJ L8A (health) registration form on the website https://drive.google.com as shown in Figure 1.0.
  2. Then, a health check should be carried out by a driver or e-hailing rider at a panel clinic near the applicant. 
  3. Subsequently, a PUSPAKOM inspection must be carried out on the applicant’s private vehicle and approved by the PUSPAKOM. 
  4. Next, the applicant must pass the PSV course and examination at the driving institute or at the Grab GDC. 
  5. Finally, after completing the course, the applicant will receive the PSV license.

How Much Does A PSV License Cost

Payment must be made by the e-hailing driver and rider to obtain a valid PSV license.

Applicants need to pass the exam and complete six hours of training to get this PSV license.

The rate of costs to be borne by the PSV licence applicant is RM220, which includes training and registration costs.

What Are The Requirements For e-Hailing In Malaysia

To enter the e-hailing service, drivers and riders must meet the qualification requirements set by the Malaysian Ministry of Transport.

It aims to ensure that e-hailing services are run in accordance with the law and guarantee public safety. Among the conditions are:

  1. Registration must be done by the e-hailing driver through a legitimate e-hailing company. 
  2. Drivers and e-hailing riders must undergo training, courses, and examinations to obtain a PSV licence certified by the Department of Road Transportation (JPJ). 
  3. The e-hailing vehicle used by the applicant must undergo a PUSPAKOM inspection to ensure the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers. 
  4. An E-Hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP) is required to allow drivers and riders to conduct e-hailing services.