Gig Economy Malaysia 2023: Sps gig 3.0 Worker Perkeso

Gig Economy Malaysia 2023: Sps gig 3.0 worker Perkeso

gig economy malaysia

What do you mean by gig economy in Malaysia? The economic downturn that struck the world in 2008 has had an impact on people’s lives. Many in the community have lost their sources of income, thus compromising the survival of the community’s day-to-day lives. Therefore, these economic gigs are introduced to society as an alternative to generating income flexibly without relying on fixed working hours and strict labour regulations. 

The economic gig is a trend in the free-market system that allows organisations and workers to work flexibly without having to hire a part-time or full-time employee. In other words, it’s known as freelance.

This job digitization trend has been created to make it easier for employees to work remotely and for short-term contracts to generate income. 

In Malaysia, the government has allocated about RM75 millions of government funds to promote this economic trend. It aims to open up more employment opportunities for Malaysians. The estimated 2.2 million gig workers have been registered under the Malaysian Digital Economy Association (MDEC).

What Is An Example Of Gig Economy In Malaysia

This economic gig is more focused on labour market trends that do not depend on any company or employer, as well as fixed employment policies.

Examples of economic gigs in Malaysia are freelancers like Upwork, independent contractors, e-hailing drivers like Grabcar, food delivery like Foodpanda, tutors like online tutors, photographers, car hire owners, and part-time workers.

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Can You Make Good Money As Gig Worker In Malaysia

Economic gig workers can generate a decent income if they accept big projects.

Even so, it’s likely to receive a much higher income than an employed worker.

Nevertheless, these economic gig chances depend on the kind of job the worker holds.

The complicated work he usually does will generate a decent income. For example, a private contractor who accepts large projects can generate revenue of up to millions of Malaysian ringgit after a successful project.

What Are The Benefits Of Gig Economy Pros And Cons

The world of digital work is now widely practiced in Malaysia. This is because the traditional jobs available on the market are limited, causing fewer and fewer employment opportunities and ultimately having an impact on the economy and society.

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Therefore, the economic gig introduced to employers aims to reduce the unemployment among Malaysians by opening more jobs. 

Basically, this economic gig gives many advantages to society, but it also has a lot of negative impact on society today.

One of the economic advantages is that individuals can generate income without limiting their work. Individuals can do two or three jobs at a time to generate more daily or monthly income.

It’s because this economic gig gives workers the freedom of time to finish a job. Workers won’t be bound to regular work hours like 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Not only that, but the workers also have the potential to take any job available on the market according to the skills and experience that they have.

Work done according to the field of work and in accordance with the interests of the workers will yield good results.

Nevertheless, economic growth also has its own shortcomings. Even though workers do their jobs according to their time and interests, this economic gig is temporary.

The potential to generate a fixed income is impossible. This is because every job done is based on the availability of the work, and the income received is unstable.

Not only that but having flexible time for work will affect an individual’s work-life balance. Individuals who choose to do more than one job will find it difficult to divide time between work and daily life.

What Are The Two Key Reasons For The Rise Of The Gig Economy Malaysia

Economic agitation is the main reason why these economic gigs are introduced to society. It aims to encourage people to keep generating income even in an unstable country’s economy.

When economic turmoil occurs, companies or employers are able to cut their workforce or their monthly salaries. This will cause many workers to be discouraged and choose to quit due to poor economic conditions.

Therefore, the economic gig is rising as people begin to find jobs digitally for everyday survival. 

Besides, the economic growth of this gig is stepping up as the world hits the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of people have lost their sources of income. The economy gig has become one of the initiatives for the community to generate a flexible income just from home.

What Are The Challenges And Disadvantages Of Gig Worker In Malaysia

The fast-growing digital world expects the Malaysian gig economy to become stronger and stronger in Malaysia’s industry. It is expected to take advantage of society in a comprehensive way as the country’s economy improves.

Anyway, there are some challenges when this gig economy exists, including that these economic gig workers will have the challenge of developing their skills and knowledge in some field. It’s because this economic gig is only temporary. 

sps gig gig 3.0 worker malaysia

Not only that, but economic gig workers are not protected under any laws. It also has no access to sick leave, medical benefits, annual bonuses, salary increases, job insurance, EPF, SOCSO, or many other advantages.

Such things cause the interests of the worker to be neglected in order to satisfy the desire for work. The gig economy’s workers are also paid according to their work. The better the work, the better the wages will be received by the workers.

It’s flexible, it’s indirect, and it has a long-term impact on the workers. Workers always need to find a job to generate a sustainable and fixed income.

This is because workers’ monthly commitments will be affected if economic gig workers lose their source of income over some period of time.

How To Apply SPS Gig 3.0 Perkeso Application

The SPS GIG 3.0 programme is an aid for self-employed people.

Applications for this GIG 3.0 SPS Programme can be made through the website

This application can only be made online as Figure 1.0.