Best Investment in Malaysia: How to Start Investing

Best Investment in Malaysia: How to Start Investing in Malaysia 2023

best money investment plan in malaysia 2023

Investment is the purchase of physical and financial assets that can generate income and capital gains. It is a financial commitment that is invested over a long period of time and aimed at generating profits in the future. There are various types of investments available in Malaysia that offer a variety of benefits with different investment characteristics, including gold investments, fixed deposits, crypto, FOREX trading, stocks, bonds, foreign currencies, and more. This investment activity offers many advantages to foreign and local investors, including working as a saving mechanism for the future. It’s encouraged to be practiced at a young age.

These investments prove to be able to expand a person’s wealth by generating income through this activity. Not only that, investors also tend to be debt-free because of the income or surplus funds that are used to invest in investment platforms such as Bursa Malaysia.

After all, the revenue from this money investment in malaysia can be collected and used after retirement. Moreover, this investment can be used as a source of income. It’s classified as passive income.

The money invested will be doubled up as a return on the investment. It even gives a better return rate, even though it does not guarantee a fixed return. Therefore, it is important to know how to invest before an individual makes an investment.

1. Best Investment In Malaysia With Capital RM1000

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Gold Investment

Gold is an alternative investment for investors around the world, other than as a jewel for women. It is an asset protected from inflation and economic decline.

The value is also not depreciating, is stable, and is constantly rising regardless of any economic phase.

This gold investment does not require a high amount of capital; it can also be done with a small amount of capital, such as RM1,000. The value of the investment will be calculated in the form of a gramme of gold.

This gold investment can be done by buying gold physically or buying it online through gold investment platforms like the Gold Accumulation Programme (GAP), HelloGold, and more.

It can also be used as a savings deposit if you need money at an immediate rate.

Therefore, many people today choose gold investment as their method of investment because this is the safest investment and guarantees a return on value.

2. Best Investment in Malaysia With Capital RM10000

(i) Fixed Deposit

A fixed deposit is a type of investment in the form of a deposit that can be issued when it reaches a certain maturity.

This period is dependent on the policies of the respective banking institutions. Interest rates also vary according to the maturity period chosen by the investor.

These investments, in the form of fixed deposits, are low-risk with a low return rate compared to other investments.

Nevertheless, it is a deposit that offers a high interest rate and can be issued at any time for emergency purposes. Basically, an investment rate of RM10,000 guarantees a high return rate to investors.

(ii) REIT Investment

A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a form of equity investment in real estate that allows investors to pay a small amount of the real property price, not to mention RM10,000.

This is a proprietary investment that guarantees a stable flow of income to investors. Investors have the opportunity to invest in large-scale properties without having to buy them.

The return from this property is derived from rental income, property management charges, and capital returns from business activities conducted by the property.

Among the REIT investments are Land Trust, Al-Qaeda Healthcare, KLCC, Pavilion, and many more.

SOURCE: Bursa Malaysia

(iii) Unit Trust Investment

A trust unit is an investment instrument made up of funds issued by a trust unit management company.

The fund management company managed by the Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM) will operate and manage investor trust units.

The profits of this investment will be given to investors in the form of an annual dividend.

Among the big companies that offer trust investments are Petronas, Celcom, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and many more.

Individuals interested in investing in trust units can make an investment of less than RM10,000 to get an attractive return.

2. Best Investment Plan in Malaysia With Capital RM30000 / RM50000

Property Investment

Real estate investments such as residential, commercial, retail, industrial, and REITs. This investment does not require large capital to invest in real estate in Malaysia.

These real estate investments can generate revenue or a return through real estate purchases, Airbnb rentals, and flipping.

The costs of payment of real estate bills, property management, real estate marketing, and real estate maintenance will be managed by the real estate investor.

This investment swallows up a lot of capital if it’s not handled properly.

3. Best Investment In Malaysia with Capital RM100K

CPO Investment

Crude palm oil (CPO) is an investment market in the palm oil industry. The risk is dependent on the price of crude palm oil.

This increase in the palm oil price will result in high returns for investors.

This is because palm oil is a basic necessity for the people of Malaysia. Thus, it is one of the best investments in Malaysia.

4. Best Investment In Malaysia With Capital RM300K

Buy Land

The purchase of land is also a form of investment for property owners. The purchase of this land requires a high investment fund of at least RM300,000. This purchase can generate passive income for investors.

The land purchased can be used to build a house, and the house can be rented to someone else.

The landowner can generate income through rental activity. Not only that, on such land can also be built buildings, shops, commercial centres, and so on, which can be rented to generate a consistent return.

This is a long-term investment with a high guarantee of return.

Types Of Investments In Malaysia

How to start investing malaysia by stocks, bonds or cash equivalent?

There are various types of investments in malaysia that investors can make, including;

Investing in Malaysia Stocks

Stocks are securities owned by individuals or companies to represent a share capital contributed to the business.

how to start investing in malaysia

These individuals or corporate bodies are known as “shareholders”. The return on investment in these stocks comes in the form of paying dividends semi-annually or annually. It also depends on the performance of the business.

The dividend rate given to a stock investor varies depending on the profitability of the business activity carried out.

There are a variety of shares available in Malaysia, including ordinary shares, preference shares, and bonuses.


A bond is an investment in the form of debt that an investor lends to a company or government in return for interest on the loan.

Companies or government agencies that offer bonds aim to raise funds to finance projects they want to run to expand their businesses.

It’s an alternative method of earning money other than borrowing from a bank or offering shares to investors.

After all, it’s one of the less risky investments for investors.

Cash Equivalent

A cash equivalent is an investment in a company’s assets in the form of cash invested in money markets such as the Malaysian Stock Exchange.

It’s an asset that can be liquidated quickly to generate cash.

These investments will be invested and stored in one place, where they can be disbursed if the company requires the funds back in the form of cash. It’s also a short-term investment.

Low Risk Investment in Malaysia

low risk investment malaysia

When making an investment, there is risk involved in the activity.

It can be high-risk or low-risk, depending on the type of investment being made.

Low-risk investments usually produce low returns, and vice versa. Here’s one of the low-risk investments;

a) How To Start Investing Malaysia With EPF Investment

The Employment Provident Fund (EPF) offers a service known as i-Invest EPF.

  • This product allows EPF members to make online investments through their EPF account, and the investment fund is used to run business activities.
  • This return on investment will be given to investors in the form of dividend payments.
  • This investment can be made using funds from EPF savings equal to 30% of the base savings amount. This EPF investment is only open to all EPF members who are 18 years of age or older.
  • The amount of funds eligible to be invested depends on the approval of the EPF under the PPF charitable funds opened by EPF members.

b) Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits are defined as low-risk investments. This investment is in the form of savings.

  • The interest rate will be charged as the return on the investment.
  • This investment has a maturity period that is allowed to be issued by the investor.
  • An investor who wants to make a fixed-deposit investment needs a lot of funds to generate a good return.

c) ASM & ASB Investment

Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM) dan Amanah Saham Bumiputra (ASB) are a low-risk investment instrument specialized by individuals with Bumiputera status.

types of investments in malaysia
  • These investments are of fixed value and the return on such investments is given in the form of annual dividend payments.
  • Annual dividends will be announced by Malaysia Berhad Permodalan (PMB) according to the current state of the country’s economy.

d) Money Investment in Malaysia Fund Management

Money Investment Malaysia Fund with RHB Cash Management, Nomura i-Cash Fund, Eastspring Investments, and Maybank Money Market are all investment instruments offered by institutional banking to their clients.

  • It’s a low-risk investment because it’s secured by a registered institution. It’s also a long-term investment with low returns.
  • This investment is protected under the bank’s policy.
  • That way, it is safe, and its return is guaranteed.

e) Unit Trust

A trust unit is a collective investment scheme in which funds are collected and funded by a professional fund manager.

  • The fund will be invested in a portfolio of securities according to the fund’s investment strategy.
  • It’s different from stocks; these investments are indirect investments where this investment is represented by a third party to sell to a company that has a good track record.
  • The company’s profits will be given to the trust unit holders as a return.

What Are 3 High Risk Investments in Malaysia

There are also some investments in Malaysia that offer high-risk investments.

High-risk investments generate high returns over a short period of time. Here’s one of those investments;

Crypto Investment

Crypto investments are investments in digital currencies that are used as a transaction medium.

It doesn’t exist in physical forms like paper money and coins. The value of these cryptos is constantly rising and falling according to the current world economy.

One of the most popular cryptos is Bitcoin. It’s used in global transactions. This investment guarantees a very good return with a small amount of capital.

Therefore, it is not suitable to be used as a long-term investment because of its unstable value, which could create losses for investors if the world economy deteriorates.

Venture Capital Investments in Malaysia

Venture capital is an investment in the form of a new fund given by institutional investors to start-ups and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential through their business activities.

It is considered a high-risk investment because the activities carried out by the new company do not necessarily yield profits from their ventures.

Losses generated by this new company could undermine the investment.

Forex Investments in Malaysia

These FOREX investments are capable of generating a decent return on trading activities that are multiplied by income-generating activities. This is a global investment.

It involves a variety of international currencies like the US dollar, the euro, and more.

This investment is made online through the Forex Trading website.

It is considered high-risk due to the low capital invested and the high returns received in the short term.

Good Luck For Your Investment In Malaysia

Finally, investing can reduce a person’s daily expenditure by preventing them from engaging in unnecessary spending activities.

It can nurture the practice of saving money and controlling finances well.

In a nutshell, these investments are very beneficial to society because they have good financial management that can be used in the event of emergencies, inflation, and economic degradation.