Renew Roadtax Online: Check Renewal Price JPJ Digital Malaysia Car & Motor

How to Renew Roadtax Online malaysia: Check Renewal Price JPJ Digital Malaysia Car & Motor in 2023

renew roadtax online jpj malaysia

What is road tax in Malaysia? Road tax is a kind of tax charged to motor vehicle owners as established by the Department of Road Transport (JPJ). It is imposed on motor vehicle owners in Malaysia with the aim of allowing the vehicle owner to drive their vehicles on the roads legally. Road taxes paid by road users are used by the Malaysian Department of Public Works (JKR) to repair, build, and streamline roads in Malaysia.

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Therefore, every road user is obliged to pay this roadtax jpj.

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How To Renew Roadtax Online Malaysia

Road tax renewal can be done online via the MySikap app.

It’s easier and faster. Here are the ways to update and renew the roadtax online:

jpj online road tax
  1. Browse to
  2. Log in to the user account. 
  3. On the main menu view, click on the “Vehicle” section. 
  4. Select and click the Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal submenu on the Transactions/Actions option.
  5. Then, click on the “OK” button. 
  6. Enter the user’s vehicle registration number and click on the “Search” button. 
  7. User-generated vehicle information displays will be displayed for checking purposes.
  8. After the check is done, click on the “Confirm and Continue” button. 
  9. Enter the required information correctly, and the payment must be made online. 
  10. Finally, the user road tax has been updated.

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Can I Renew Roadtax JPJ Kiosk

Every major branch of the Department of Road Transport (JPJ) in Malaysia now provides kiosk services.

Thus, vehicle owners can now choose to pay their road taxes at any JPJ kiosk, as this service is available to users to facilitate consumer road tax payments.

How Much Is It To Renew Roadtax Motor & Car

The price of the road tax charged to the owner of the vehicle is different for each individual. It depends on the vehicle’s engine capacity, geographical location, vehicle type, and ownership.

However, every type of vehicle available in Malaysia has a fixed road tax price, and the price is fixed according to the specifications of the vehicle owned by individuals.

Can I Renew Road tax At Post Malaysia

There are some places that allow vehicle owners to renew their road taxes. Among them are the Department of Road Transport (JPJ), the JPJ kiosk, and the post officers in Malaysia.

Customers just need to be present at any branch of the Malaysian Post Office to make this road tax renewal.

The service provided is easy and fast for users to get a new road tax.

How Do I Check My Road Tax Online

The MyJPJ application e-LKM is a digital app that allows users to obtain a digital version of the Motor Vehicle License.

check road tax price malaysia motor & car

With this application, it can make it easy for users to go anywhere without having to attach a motor vehicle license or road tax anywhere in the front of the vehicle mirror. Users can access their road tax license only online. 

This e-LKM view can be accessed by registered users through the official portal of the Department of Road Transport (JPJ) online.

Figure 2.0 shows the digital display of the e-LKM that is present in the JPJ portal.

Can I Renew Road tax Without Insurance in Malaysia

Road tax and insurance are two elements that complement each other. This means this road tax cannot be renewed without renewing insurance.

Vehicle owners must have or renew their insurance in advance before road taxes can be processed and renewed.

What Di I Need To Bring To Renew My Road Tax At The Post Office & JPJ

In the case of road tax renewal through post officers and also at JPJ, users must first make insurance renewals.

Once the consumer vehicle insurance has been successfully renewed, the next road tax renewal can be done.

Among the documents to be brought for the purpose of renewing the road tax are the following: 

  1. Insurance cover note 
  2. Vehicle owner’s identification card

 When the payment is to be made, the user must specify the number of the user’s vehicle plate before the renewal can be carried out.

Next, the officials will inform them of the amount of road tax charges on their vehicles to be paid for payment purposes.

Check Roadtax Price Malaysia In 2023

Here’s the road tax price of vehicles as follows in 2023;

Type Of VehiclesRoadtax Price (Rm)
Malaysia Roadtax HiluxRM521-RM1,517.50
Roadtax Proton SagaRM70-RM90
Roadtax Perodua BezzaRM20-RM70
Roadtax Honda CityRM56-RM90
Roadtax Honda HRVRM56-RM279.60
Roadtax Mitsubishi XpanderRM273.50-RM740
Roadtax Toyota Corolla CrossRM56-RM90
Roadtax Toyota ViosRM56-RM90
Roadtax Proton X70RM223.68- RM279.60
Roadtax Proton X50RM56-RM90
Roadtax Toyota YarisRM56-RM207
Roadtax Mazda HatchbackRM56-RM379
Roadtax Perodua AlzaRM56-RM90
Roadtax Perodua Myvi RM70-RM90

How Can I Check My Roadtax Expiry Date Malaysia

User vehicle road tax expiry dates can be checked online only through the MyJPJ application. Users need to have a MyJPJ account to make this check.

Users need to go to the e-LKM section where the vehicle owner’s digital road tax will be displayed through this application, and the expiration date is also specified on the digital road taxes.

Thus, users will be more alert to the expiration date of their road tax so that they do not fail to make the road tax pad renewal every year in order to avoid being subjected to a ceiling or penalty.

Is Renew Roadtax Online and Insurance Same?

Renew roadtax online and insurance are two different things.

Road tax is a kind of tax to be paid by the owner of the vehicle, but insurance is a special protection note that works to protect the owner when something unwanted happens on the road.

Both complement each other.

How Often Do You Pay Roadtax JPJ in Malaysia

  • Every vehicle owner can choose to update their vehicle road tax by paying it either every 6 months or annually.
  • It’s mandatory to allow vehicle owners to legally drive their vehicles on the road.
  • Legal action will be imposed on individuals who fail to pay their vehicle’s road tax.

Do We Still Need Physical Road Tax in Malaysia

In line with the flow of digitalization and technology, road tax is now digitally accessible online.

Users or vehicle owners can show their digital road tax through the JPJ app or portal site.

Users need to log in to their MyJPJ account and click on the digital e-LKM and e-LLM views.

This page will display the user’s digital license and road tax when a roadblock is in force by JPJ.

So, today’s road users can drive their vehicles without a physical road tax.


1. Can I Drive With Expired Road Tax?

Road users using motor vehicles are obliged to have a road tax, which must be updated before it expires.

This is because when driving vehicles without a motor vehicle licence, better known as road tax, such road users will face legal action if they are found driving vehicles whose road tax has expired.

This means driving vehicles whose road taxes have expired is against the law.

2. What Is The Penalty For Expired Road Tax in Malaysia?

Failure to own or renew road taxes in Malaysia means vehicle owners will face legal action when passing through a roadblock.

A penalty of RM150 will be imposed on road users who do not own and renew the road tax.

It’s because it’s one of the road crimes that have been established under the Road Transportation Act 1987.

3. Can I Drive Without Roadtax Malaysia?

Driving a motor vehicle in Malaysia without a road tax will be subject to a penalty or punishment by the police if it passes through a roadblock.

It’s clearly driving vehicles without road taxes is illegal and is an offense under the Road Transportation Act 1987.

4. Do I Need To Stick Road tax

Starting February 10, 2023, JPJ will enforce that individuals who do not stick a road tax sticker on their vehicles will not be secured by JPJ if there is a roadblock.

Anyway, road users must indicate a digital road tax through the MyJPJ application as proof that they have a vehicle road tax.