SSM Ezbiz: Register & Ebiz Login Account Change ID and Password

SSM Ezbiz: Register & Ebiz Login Account Change ID and Password

register ssm ezbiz login account

The Companies Commission Malaysia (CCM) is a statutory body responsible for managing and overseeing services involving businesses and companies. An online service system has been created by CCM known as EzBiz. The system service was introduced on September 17, 2015, and was officially used by users on October 2, 2015. 

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This system is used for business registration purposes and allows users to make new business registrations, make changes to business information, renew registration credentials, purchase business information, and terminate business affairs.

The online service is open for 24 hours for users to make such transactions. Users can access this system through the ssm ebiz portal,

How Do I Register For SSM Ezbiz

To run businesses in Malaysia, users must first register an EzBiz account. It’s important to make it easier for users to run services related to their business.

Business registration in Malaysia is mandatory by law so that users can run a business legally. Here are the ways to access ezbiz ssm login registration an for account online: 

  1. Users need to browse the website at as Figure 1.0.
  2. Then click on the “New User Registration” button. 
  3. Enter the required information details in the provided space, such as ID type, ID number, and name of the user. 
  4. Next, click on the “Register” button. 
  5. Finally, EzBiz user account registration was successfully completed.

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How To Register SSM For Online Business

Once users have successfully registered an EzBiz account, they can start registering their businesses through this system.

Nevertheless, users need to be present at the nearby CCM office to complete their EzBiz account authentication.

Fingerprint (biometric) authentication should be performed to activate the user ID.

Then, users can make their business registration online, and the following are the ways: 

  1. Visit the EzBiz website at
  2. Log in to the user account by entering a valid password and user ID. 
  3. On the main menu display, users need to select “My Business Service”. 
  4. Choose “New Business” in the New Business Registration” section. 
  5. Next, enter the user’s business information details completely. 
  6. After completion, users must make a payment for the registration of a business. 
  7. Then, the user will receive a confirmation notification of the business registration from the SSM via user email. 
  8. Finally, users will receive the Certificate of Registration of Business as a successfully registered user.

How To Check EzBiz SSM Login

EzBiz systems can only be logged in easily if users verify their user ID in CCM. Here are the ways to log in to the EzBiz user account: 

  1. Browse the website:  
  2. Enter a valid user ID and password. 
  3. Click on the “Login” button. 
  4. Finally, the main menu of the EzBiz website will be displayed.

How Do I Activate My Ebiz Account

EzBiz user account activation must be done in advance before making an online business registration.

This activation is done at any CCM branch near the user. EzBiz account activation is done for the purpose of activating the user ID.

Fingerprint (biometric) authentication will be performed for information security purposes, and once this process is successful, the EzBiz user account will be activated immediately.

How To Change My Ebiz Login ID And Password

Users may encounter situations where they have forgotten or want to change their ID and password when logging into their EzBiz account.

Here are the ways to change the EzBiz account ID and password: 

ebiz login id and password
  1. Browse the website:
  2. Click on the “Forgot Password” button. 
  3. Enter MyKad No. user correctly. 
  4. Click on the “Generate Password” button. 
  5. A temporary password will be sent to the specified email address. 
  6. Use the user ID and the temporary password to log in to the EzBiz user account. 
  7. On the main menu view, click on the “User Profile” section. 
  8. Click on “Change Password”. 
  9. Enter a new password and click on the “Confirm” button. 
  10. Finally, the exchange succeeded if you want to change ssm ebiz login id and password.

Does Freelancer Need To Register SSM

Freelancers who actively run a business are required to register their business with CCM.

It’s crucial to ensure that their freelancing business is run lawfully.

However, only freelancers who run a business where their annual income is subject to income tax are eligible to register their business with the CCM.

What Are The Benefits Of SSM

The Companies Commission Malaysia (CCM) is the statutory body that manages corporate bodies in Malaysia to comply with the laws and the Company Act of 1967.

Individuals who register their business with CCM can run their business activities legally.

CCM is the leading authority responsible for monitoring business activities in Malaysia. It’s important to sustain a positive improvement in the business sector while raising the country’s economy in a better direction. 

With the system and services under CCM, business-related information in Malaysia can be channelled to the public. It could attract more foreign investors to run joint ventures with locals.

Information about business ventures will increase the confidence of investors to invest in companies in Malaysia.

Hence, it will increase the profitability of the business and encourage the positive development of the business community.

Can I Do Business in Malaysia Without SSM

Every individual that sets up a business needs to register their business with CCM.

It is crucial, as it will help the CCM monitor whether the business activities operated comply with the legislation of corporate governance.

Therefore, it is an offence to operate any business without being registered with CCM.

Individuals who fail to do so will be entitled to be fined up to RM50,000, sentenced to up to 2 years in jail, or both.

Why SSM Blacklist

Errors involving the CCM will be compounded by the CCM. The compound charge is due to failure to file financial statements, failure to update business information, failure to file reports, and many more.

When compounded by CCM, the individual or business owner must pay for the compound. Failure to make a compound payment can cause an individual to be blacklisted by the CCM.