Apply Str 2023: How To Check Status Eligibility Online Application

How To Apply Str 2023: ; Check str Status Eligibility Online Application

how to apply for str 2023 application

Rahmah Cash Aid (STR application), Malaysian Family Aid (BKM), Sara Living Aid (BSH), and Citizen Aid 1 Malaysia (BRIM) are government aid programs for low-income groups, (B40). STR is a string of aid connections from previous governments. It’s the same as the previous one. Only the aid name was renamed after the leader who led at the time. This STR was introduced by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the 10th Malaysian Prime Minister.

Nevertheless, STR is better financial aid than the government’s previous financial aid. This is because this aid is given based on the average salary received by the B40 group of RM5,000 and below for families and single elderly persons and RM2,500 and below for singles.

Not only that, this aid is being added to the extreme poor as listed in the e-Kasih 2023 system.

Therefore, it is undeniable that STR 2023 is better than the previous cash aid.

How to Apply Str Application 2023 Online

How to Apply for STR 2023 is a contribution or assistance in the form of cash to Malaysians belonging to the B40 group.

It’s meant to ease the burden of those who are burdened by the rising cost of living. Thus, individuals who qualify for the B40 category can apply for this STR apply. 

Individuals who have previously received cash assistance from the government, such as BRIM, BKM, BPR, and BSH, are exempt from making a new application.

This is because the database that exists in the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) system has registered these individuals as eligible for government assistance. 

  • A new application should only be made by a person who is eligible to make this application because of the record is not in the IRB database and there is an update to the existing data.
  • This application can be made online through the STR website at

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How To Check Eligibility For Str 2023

Only individuals who qualify for STR will receive this cash aid. Among the eligibility requirement outlined under the STR 2023 aid initiative are the following: 

  1. Individuals are Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia. 
  2. Individuals must be 21 years of age or older. 
  3. Individuals generate an income rate of RM5,000 and below per month for households and single elderly person, while RM2500 and below for singles. 

Eligibility to receive this help can be checked through the official MySTR 2023 portal at the website

How To Check Status Str Application Form

The status application of STR can be checked online through the official MySTR portal. Here are the ways to make str check status; 

check status str
Close-up of female hand on laptop keyboard
  1. Browse to
  2. Enter the applicant’s ID card number and click on the “Log In” button. 
  3. Click on the “Semak” button. 
  4. Then, verify the security code that has been displayed. 
  5. Next, enter the correct and valid password and click on the “Log In” button.
  6. Finally, on the main menu, click on the “Semak Permohonan” section to find out the status of the application.

What Is The Purpose Of A Government Cash Handout

Approximately 8.7 million beneficiaries of the B40 group will benefit from this aid or donation. The STR application announced by the Malaysian Minister of Finance is given in phases that have been divided into four phases.

It will be given in stages to ensure that the recipient can use it to fulfill their daily needs and avoid using this aid for unnecessary purposes. 

Generally speaking, the STRs given by the government to the people are intended to ease their burden. Indirectly, citizens can use their donations for daily use as well as to cope with the rise in daily living costs.

In addition, this cash aid from STR malaysia can be used to cover the costs of individuals affected by the flood disaster, for the purposes of parents who want to buy school items for their children, and to celebrate Eid. This can directly relieve the burden of the B40s. 

Next, STR Malaysia is the government’s agenda that has been listed in the country’s budget for 2023.

It aims to boost the country’s economy in order to reduce unemployment and the poverty rate among communities.

It is channeled in line with the national objectives of improving the country’s economic and social status.

What Is The Impact Of The Government Giving Money in 2023

The Government of Malaysia, themed “Building Malaysia Madani”, has introduced a variety of new initiatives to the Malaysian people so that they can benefit them economically, socially, and politically. 

One of them is the introduction of a cash aid initiative known as STR 2023 that benefits more than 8 billion Malaysians belonging to the low-income group, B40.

The aid channeled by the government turned out to have a positive impact on the people. It has succeeded in reducing the poverty gap in today’s society, boosting the economy of the country, increasing the purchasing power of the community, easing the burden of people, meeting people’s daily needs, and helping to channel aid to individuals who should be entitled to it under the e-Kasih system.

This financial assistance is given to individuals who are worthy to ensure their goodness and well-being.

Therefore, the presentation of the Budget 2023 plays an important role in managing the country’s finances so that it can benefit all Malaysians without exception.

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